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We are a waste management company, sometimes referred to as a broker, and we provide businesses with waste solutions whether that be a pub with multiple types of waste or a hair salon with 1 bin. Our aim is to provide customers with an honest, clear, cost effective, and environmentally friendly solution for your waste disposal needs.

Working with a waste management company comes with many benefits. We can focus on giving you excellent customer service with intuitive developments to meet your needs, and allow our suppliers to focus on getting your bins emptied. This means you get the best service all round. Plus, because we have many partners up and down the country, if you do find you are having any problems with your supplier, we can look to source you an alternative without any stress or effort on your part.

Our contracts are value for money, clear, and suitable for your needs. We will assess what type of service you need, not just assuming what you have been sold in the past is the right service for your business. And for the duration of your time with us we will monitor your collections to make sure the service you originally requested is still working for you.

We love customer service, and our team are passionate about delivering a service they are proud of. Whether you’re a multi-site national company, or a single shop with 1 bin, you matter to us and we deliver you the same excellent service. We pick up the phone, we respond to emails, and we are developing new ways for you to communicate with us when you need to.

We truly believe that we can live up to our name, and give you a Better Waste Solution for your business.

Kathryn Drake

We launched Better Waste Solutions in 2020, a year the world changed. A year that perhaps changed everyone’s perspective and allowed space to consider life as we know it.

Having worked in waste management for 5 years we have come to love the industry – a strange thing to many people however we truly believe that the world will be shaped by what we do with our waste.

As businesses strive to grow and new businesses launch in the UK, sourcing a waste collection service should be a task without fear of being conned, misrepresented, or let down. So we saw a gap in the market for a waste management company that can offer a better waste solution for businesses.

We have heard a lot of the dissatisfaction raised by customers relating to our industry, and we know we can do better. We know that there is a lot of mistrust and we want to counteract that and tell you that you can trust us. We will deliver a great service for you. And we will work with you in a professional and fair way that means you never feel like you’ve got a bad deal. You will get a Better Waste Solution.

- Kathryn Drake | Director

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